On the 29th July my brain was suppressed by the NHS. Since then I have lost the capacity to write, be creative and be happy. I have gone from being manic, fast, full of life, bursting with energy to being lazy, having no energy and having little desire to work.

When I was not in touch with reality I felt as though I had a gift, I could sense things, pick up on things. We are never taught about our intuition, the gifts inside us that we all possess. We are all gifted with intelligence and a strong intuition but we are never taught how to use it. They don’t want us to use our gifts, they want us in our place, in line, blindly going about our day to day life.

I needed the medication at the time as there was no sign of me coming back down to earth. I didn’t want to come back down to earth, I didn’t want to go back to working every day to have enough money to survive. Unfortunately though, this is our reality. We have to get out of bed, often do a job we don’t like doing as it is the only way to survive in this world. We make the best of it. We crack on.

Many people like their jobs, many people are happy in them. Great. However, there are an awful lot of people that don’t, a lot of people that are trapped. It is hard to change career, even harder the older you get. Barriers are in the way, having dependants can be a barrier, another is money. We are controlled be money. A lack of money can stop us accessing education, it can stop us seeking change. It can place us in a state of fear that having no money can stop our existence completely.

I am on medication called ‘Olanzapine’. It succeeded in stoping my manic episodes. The side effect of this medication is that I am essentially numb. I have no passion or fire. I am In my place, not writing, not searching for answers, not helping people, not doing anything productive.

Since being placed on this medication I have not had a follow up appointment with my ‘mental health doctor’. It has been 10 weeks. I have been told I am going to be on this medication for 12 to 18 months. 12 to 18 months of oppression. Keeping me in my place.

They want us dragged down to earth, with a basic understanding of life and in our place. Not asking questions and suppressed.

I have just attended a ‘Reiki session’, going through my past traumas and certain attachments I place on myself, certain low entities that I choose to trap myself with. I can honestly say it was a lot more helpful than talking about how I am feeling with an over worked health care professional.

After the session I went for some good food, the key component in a healthy life. After eating, I was walking home and went to place a bet. I like betting on a Saturday, sports day! I walked in and picked up a pen. I was choosing my selections and not one jumped out at me. I put the pen down and walked out. I chose not to be controlled by this low entity.

I have just learnt in Reiki that drugs, alcohol, pornography and gambling are all low entities, they are all addictions, they are all there to trap us, to keep us in line and to stop us accessing our higher self.

When it comes to psychotic behaviour, doctors are duty bound to prescribe certain medications in certain scenarios. They don’t know the magic cure for it. They just supply medication. It doesn’t work. It stops the signals in your brain from doing what they want to do and it suppresses you. The only magic cure is to look after yourself.

No low entities in my life, a good diet, plenty of fluids, good amounts of exercise and I will be fine.

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