Corbyn’s War

Jeremy Corbyn.

You will not find any association tying him to any war this country has ever fought. In fact, check his entire voting record and you will never see this man on the wrong side of any humanitarian argument. He has battled tirelessly for a fair and decent society and he has never been afraid to defy the party whip in the interest of a better world. He will always argue for transparency and equality.

He is everything the establishment fears, a man who can’t be bought, a man who can not be tied down. The papers despised him from day one of his leadership, they still despise him to this day. It has not once got in the way of his conscience though, he will always do the right thing. He is a man of principle and integrity.

He has served his constituents as a member of parliament for thirty nine years. You would expect any tenure this lengthy to have a few marks against it, but his record is clean. Look back across our country’s history and compare it to his voting record. He has always cast his votes in parliament in favour of those with the least in society, he has always voted for a better chance, a fairer chance, he has always voted for a fair society that represents the many, not a privileged few. He has voted against every war this country has ever fought. He is a decent man and one of a very slender few decent politicians.

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the many at Glastonbury 2017

He was branded an anti semite even though he has campaigned all his life against racism and injustice in any form.

Jeremy Corbyn campaigns against apartheid in South Africa

The Forde Report vindicated him but we haven’t heard about that in the press. It doesn’t fit the narrative. He inspired the many working class in this country and the establishment feared him, they needed something to smear him. Anti semitism fitted the bill due to his long desire to bring peace to the Palestinian people.

Despite his strong opposition to war, he has been fighting a war his whole life. The war against homelessness, bad bosses and the conservatives and their destitution, which they force upon the working class.

He inspired many, he brought hope, change and optimism and he was only defeated due to the toxicity of the party he represents. They collouded behind his back and smeared his name and successfully managed to have their own leader defeated on polling day. He was so close, we were so close.

The main principles of his argument were ones that would solve the problems of today.

He vigorously supported nationalisation of rail, mail energy and water. He wanted Britain to own its industry again, he wanted to free our industries from profiteers and shareholders. He wanted to pump the profits back into such industries in the hope of a fairer Britain.

Look at his fully costed manifesto from 2019, all he wanted was a fairer country. They say we couldn’t have afforded it. Look at our state now, could we really not have afforded it? The new prime minister has just provided an emergency energy package worth £100 billion. The previous prime minister granted emergency COVID and furlough packages worth over an estimated £400 billion. The money was available then for a fairer Britain, the press barons just had the public believe it was not.

The country is at breaking point due to the dereliction of duty from shareholders and bad bosses who run our industry. If we had control of our industries we would have money to invest in cleaner rivers, cleaner air, a fairly priced energy system, a fairly priced rail and bus system. We wouldn’t see workers walking out on strike, they wouldn’t need to, they would be paid and treated fairly. Nobody wants to strike, it is a last resort. People just want to be treated decently.

Margaret Thatcher argued that privately owned industries means consumers receiving a fairer deal. She argued that only privately run industries would have the finances to invest in infrastructure. We were promised lower bills and better infrastructure. Look around, bills are sky high and there is supposedly no money in their pits for investment. Had Labour won in 2019 we would own our industries once more, we would have a higher minimum wage, prevented the pension age rise, introduced an adequate plan to fund the NHS and deal with the social care crisis (the national care service), brought forward net zero ambitions in aid of the climate, free bus travel for under 25s , radical education reforms meaning no tuition fees.

He wanted to bring justice to those who deserve it and he wanted to make reparations to our past. His only mistake was he was too honest. He was not a politician, he was a human. That was the problem, he couldn’t play the game, and he was therefore back-stabbed throughout his tenure as leader.

One of the many back-stabbers is leading the party right now. One who’s Brexit plain foiled its leader who placed trust upon him. I am a member of the Labour Party and I always will be. I also voted for Keir Starmer. I trusted him and his ten pledges. All of which he has broken. He lied to me, he lied to his electorate and he will say whatever he can to get himself and Labour into power. He is a politician and he will win. Anybody could win against this current mob, their days are numbered and Labour is coming. We don’t have dreams and hopes this time, but our party is going to win, but will it be the win we are hoping for?

Corbyn only lost the battle, he did not lose the war. Present day events prove he won the argument.

2019 Manifesto

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  1. Nice to see you back…. Solidarity brother Thomas✊🏻

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