Ticket Debacle

We chant that every other Saturday is our half day off, and its off to the match we go, we like to take a walk along the Anfield Road, us and our old pal Joe.

Are the days of walking along the Anfield Road with your old pal Joe fading? If you don’t smell the reference to the LFC chant I have referenced, I’m afraid you can’t complain about not being in the ground!

FSG are running LFC like a business, we know that and to be perfectly honest, can we complain? Their strategy of investment has allowed for the development of new training facilities, a new main stand, and pace is gathering with the hefty expansion of the Anfield Road end. The successful purchases of playing staff is also to their credit. Modern day football is now a business, with billions being splattered about, it is the business anybody desires to be in.

The natives are getting restless though. Success on the pitch has coincided with the pushing out of local fans. You don’t need to be local to support LFC by any means, however it is the locals who are feeling the pinch. LFC now attracts the tourist fan. The type of fan who is more likely to spend money in the club shop, they may also attend stadium tours. They most likely will get in the ground extra early to savour every moment, thus adding more bangers to the clubs wallet by the purchase of drinks and snacks.

Us locals like to meet up with our friends in our nominated external boozer and have a catch up and discuss our expectations of the days starting eleven. It is what football is all about, community, togetherness, discussion and desires.

Many of us are unhappy with the ticketing system. Premier league away day tickets are a dream, next to no man can get them. Premier league home tickets seem destined to go in that direction too. We understand there is no room at the inn for every fan, but could it be fairer?

The online queuing system is upsetting many for a start. The prices are astronomical too, but are accepted in the ‘modern game’. At the end of the day our club was founded in the City of Liverpool, it shouldn’t be so hard for locals to get grip of what feels like a golden ticket.

It seems LFC are trying to allow more locals into the ground by the ‘L’ Postcode System. However, ask anyone around you if they have any success, and you will most likely be met with a disheartening “no”.

How clear are FSG with this system? What is the percentage of ‘L’ Postcodes in correspondence with stadium capacity? I assume it is pretty low, hence the lack of transparency.

Take a look at the below screen grab of our upcoming home fixture against Bournemouth.

The pricey hospitality tickets are always available, if you have a huge lump of cash to squander that is. A measly 250 Great British Pounds! If you can spare that you are more than welcome, any time! A huge chunk of these seats lay dormant too, it is a sorry shame when there are fans outside practically pleading to gain access.

LFC need to be clear about their ticketing strategy and the system needs outlining coherently and adjusting accordingly.

We must demand change, I feel it may be coming, with the newly-established Liverpool Supporters Board.

Joe Blott, who is also chairman of the Spirit of Shankly group, was one of 16 representatives elected to the new board.

Read the full story regarding his election through the Guardian (link below).

Keep upbeat reds we’re in good hands with Joe Blott, and remember: “At the end of the storm, there’s a goooolden sky”…


Thomas Lee McKee



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