The Importance of Being Active

If you are found guilty of any crime, no matter the size, the punishment is the same.

Cell confinement.

Regular ‘recreational’ hours are tolerated, however the vast majority of the time you will be locked away in a dingy zone known as a cell. Perhaps with a cell mate. An individual you most likely know nothing about. Bonds may be created to pass the time, you will learn to interact with each other as you have little choice.

You will get by, as the only viable alternative is digging your way out with a spoon.

The selected cell mate is not a luxury. It is simply a cost effective way of mentally torturing an individual who is found guilty of a crime. This is the case for any human, as we should all be aware, we rely on social interactions to survive and be happy. Some of us more than others.

You are taken out of society and are obliged to abide by the set rules and are then fed a diet you have little choice in choosing and consuming.

Failure to comply with the rules? You may be met with solitary confinement. Yourself alone with your thoughts and four walls, enough to drive any individual into insanity.

Previous prison systems would force an individual to constantly carry out a pointless, monotonous manual task during their stay. This was squashed as it actually made the prisoners stay more endurable. They had something to wake up for. Something to keep them busy.

In recent times you may perhaps be allowed to access gyms, workshops or job roles to pass your stay. You are being rehabilitated in order to regain your status as a free individual.

It all comes back to the importance of being active. Humans need hobbies and a balanced lifestyle to thrive. We like to be active, it keeps us sane and happy. Sometimes we overload ourselves as we may like keeping busy too much.

Many retire from work and are left to their own devices. They struggle to cope. Having hobbies and interests that are self fulfilling are essential to all of us. Do you know what fulfils yourself?

Being active can be a distraction from the problems you are facing. Being active can be a coping mechanism. Being active can save your life.

It is important to be active, therefore I ask, what keeps you active?


Thomas Lee McKee

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