Positive Outlets

This post is dedicated to local talent from Liverpool who possess, adventurous, humorous, musical and meditational mediums in this Current State of Vibrations.

I, like many, have little to no trust in our main stream media outlets.

I take little pleasure in listening to the radio and I take no satisfaction at all in watching the television. My main interest is politics and current affairs. Coverage of this is always scuppered, so it is tricky to find an honest medium for this regard.

To wind down and relax I turn to positive mediums. Comedy is one. I love to read too, but I struggle with concentrating. It is however, a handy mechanism for a decent sleeping pattern.

I feel as though everything has been done before and it is just being recycled with an added twist. I suppose if you look back at human history we are always recycling. One generational interest fades and a new dawn breaks, only for older interests to reappear.

“History repeats itself because nobody listens” – George Santayana

I like many youngsters, believe, we should surround ourselves with positivity in order to remove ourselves from the hamster wheel of everyday life.

Here is a list of some local positive outlets, this list is not exhaustive, but hopefully it inspires you to be you:

I give blood as a way of feeling positive. What is more positive than knowing you are extending the stay of your fellow brothers and sisters. This is a shared earth. Give blood today by clicking here.

I attend Hot Yoga. There are many varieties of classes at my studio. I love pushing myself to my limit in a hot intense environment. Check it out yourself by clicking here.

There is an app, it is only compatible on an iPad, costing a slender 49 pence. It is a mood analyser and allows you to track your moods through a graph. In addition to this it can pinpoint the locations where you feel the lowest/highest. A game changer for tracking your mood, in my eyes. Check it out here.

There is a positive adventure experiance page which can be reached through instagram. Free to access, it is filled with exquisite photos of idyllic settings and experiences. Looking at positivity attracts positivity. Check it out here.

There is a humorous podcast hosted by 4 local lads from Liverpool. It can be reached through Instagram, TikTok & Spotify. Accessible for free! These lads talk honestly and are flowing with authenticity, hence their 30k following on TikTok. Check them out through: TikTok Spotify Instagram

Is music your thing? Welcome to Studio Funk! The next event will be held in Liverpool on 17th September, headlined by Route94!!!

Check them out through Instagram to be kept updated by clicking here.

Find what music you like, figure out what exercise you love, surround yourself with intense positive energy and flow!

Life is too short. This is no dress rehearsal, this is the real deal!

I hope you find what makes you happy.


Thomas Lee McKee

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