Being Liverpool

What is Liverpool?

Is it a place, a club, a family?

Is Liverpool a home?

Liverpool is a city in the north west of England. It gained its status as a city back in 1880, with a population spanning 600,000.

Liverpool Football Club is a football team, assembled in the City of Liverpool on the third of June 1892.

Try and discover anything regarding the City of Liverpool and you will be swamped with information regarding Liverpool as a club.

This is due to the recognition of LFC far and wide. North, East, South and West.

According to the Daily Mirror, back in 2021, LFC had an estimated worldwide fan base of 103 million followers. The club ranked 7th place in a table listing the ten most popular teams across the globe. Real Madrid and Barcelona topped the list.

Of course, they are two of the most decorated teams across the world. Every ‘fan’ likes a winning team. Aye?

Liverpool in free fall

There was no passion for any manager after Benitez was callously sacked by Hicks & Gillette. The putrid pair never understood the club. They were only interested in their self interests and lead a horrific regime. One that could have landed the club in liquidation.

Many of you will be aware that the ‘investors’ still receive a percentage of our ticket share for the ‘big games’.

Evidence of this is from this quotation from a trusted source which refers to the europa league final ticket distribution in 2016, it states: “The Merseyside club’s distribution of 10,000 tickets for the Europa League final includes a 41 per cent “contractual supporter allocation”. Part of this refers to around 2,000 former shareholders who secured lifetime priority rights when the club changed hands in 2007.”

“One of the sweeteners offered by Hicks and Gillett was the protection of these privileges, and despite a legal investigation into the enduring legitimacy of that deal by current owners FSG, the club is locked into it.”

This has been the case for all finals since and will be the case for future finals, like it or not. It is the case.

There is an expletive rattling around my brain to describe Hicks & Gillette, I like to refer to them as a pair of: ‘C, U, Next, Tuesday, S‘.

Kenny Dalgish was trusted though, and we all know why, however he was only a safe pair of hands until FSG elected a successor. He is an LFC icon and he always will be. Kenny Dalglish, one of us.

Brendan Rodgers possessed borrowed trust due to the fire power he had at his disposal during his tenure. Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho, Steven Gerrard and even ‘Martin Ninja Skrtel’ gave us a taste of what the pinnacle of success felt like. It fell apart for Brendan after the departure of Luis Suarez.

Was we a one man team at the time? We never replaced that one man and we paid the price. Money was invested terribly. It was hard to take especially after watching Tottenham equally squander their Gareth Bale sale a year or two earlier.

I will never forgive Brendan for the departure of Steven Gerrard. They had a meeting and it was suggested that Brendan wanted to manage Stevens game time. He had no right. Gerrard carried our club for years, only Gerrard should have decided when it was time to manage his game time.

I also believe that had Brendan persuaded Carragher to stay on for one more year, our defensive line would have been strong enough to secure ‘that league title’, through hard work and passion alone!

That backline needed a voice. Who else would have fit the bill other than Jamie Carragher, one of us!

What makes Liverpool so attractable then?

To me, the reason Liverpool is so attractable is because of its supporters, we genuinely and wholeheartedly believe we are the twelfth man. We believe the passion on the pitch is due to the influence from the fans in the stands. That may be true, Liverpool under the flood lights against any team in the world will give you a game, no matter how poor our starting line up may appear.

That is why we humbled Barcelona back in 2019 and why we humbled many of teams under the legendary Rafael Benitez. This is why we trust Jurgen Klopp so much due to his ‘rock and roll football’ and his understanding of our intense and phenomenal fan base. He gives the people what they want. He makes the people happy.

Many believe he is Bill Shankly reincarnated. I see the correlation, but you are wrong.

He is not the legendary Shanks reincarnated. There will only ever be one Shanks.

We do have a cool German guy though, he refers to himself as ‘the normal one’ and his name is Jürgen Norbert Klopp and he is running Liverpool, his way, with his ‘boot room’ and with his heart and his head!

He optimises Liverpool Football Club, he is one of us!


Before Jurgen, times were tough but enjoyable memories were made and trophies were added to our cabinet. History was made if you like. Progress was made too. I believe FSG laid the foundations Jurgen Built the house, and Pep Ljinders is taking care of the garden!

The new boot room!

Many locals dislike the fact that Liverpool (due to its on the pitch success) has attracted the ‘tourist fan’. A fan that only follows Liverpool because we are winning. This fan is known as a glory hunter and there are many of them in the Anfield stands.

The atmosphere is sometimes dull of a weekend. Locals like me hate it. I don’t believe you have to be local to love and understand LFC but I do believe you should only be experiencing these glory days if you were around for when times were tough.

I ask the question.

Where was you when we were managed by Roy Hodgson? Those were the darkest of days, so where was you….

Best wishes and let us have another rock and roll season!

We are Liverpool, this means more!

By, Thomas Lee McKee

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