Football-It Hurts!

We do not choose our football club. It chooses us. It is in our genes from our ancestors and we carry their legacy on through our ongoing support. We have no say in what colour we choose to follow, do we?

I was born a red, I will live a red, and I will die a red.

What colour was you born into?

Who is your team?

Ask most fans and they will tell you that their team is the best!

Every team may be the best, some win more than others, some have better support than others, some provide more support for their local community than others. Some treat fans like customers and some treat fans like family.

I feel that my club view me as a customer. Our next door neighbour ‘Everton FC’ treat their fans like family, they do so much for the local community and they should be commended & applauded appropriately.

A fantastic MP who goes by the name of Ian Byrne has done a phenomenal job in bridging our rivalries, with his sensational work of being a co-founder of ‘fans supporting food banks’. This allows weekly match goers to drop off surplus food supplies at designated drop off points on match days. The food is then distributed to those who need it the most.

As well as this, his parliamentary work extends to allowing everyone access to food with his ‘right to food campaign’. It isn’t a lot to ask for, is it? Everyone to be entitled to food, in 2022, in Britain, it should be a given!

Ians work, to me, is what football is all about; community, passion, belonging, caring, loving, hoping and believing. Thank you Ian!

Ians position has been in danger due to the gerrymandering of a scuppered resection process. He needs the people of West Derby to rally around him now more than ever. He is one of us, I trust him. You can’t say that about many politicians.

Back to the ‘footy’!

Liverpool FC & Manchester United are the two most successful clubs in English Football, no wonder there is a constant feud!

How different would the North look though, if we stood shoulder to shoulder as one region.

Let’s place two young adults together, a ‘scouser’ and a ‘manc’ for instance. They may hate each other depending on the football shirt they choose to wear.

Take away the affiliated shirts, along with the differences of accent and dialect and they will probably share a tremendous amount of similarities. Working class lads from working class cities, most likely fighting similar battles and demons.

Remember unity is strength.

Whilst writing this I can hear the echoes from David Cameron and Theresa May “There isn’t a magic money tree”.

Oh but there is…

There is always a magic money tree for war and we found a magic money tree for the pandemic.

There is a pandemic right now and it is called ‘The Cost of Living Crisis’.

I wonder where this money tree is? We desperately need for its leaves to fall right now!

Where is it! Where is the plan! They should find it quickly because a general strike is looming if action is not taken swiftly.

I can assure you of that. Enough is enough!

“Things can’t stay the same something’s gotta give” – Jamie Webster, another stupendous asset who belongs to the forgotten city of Liverpool.

Football is a form of escapism for many. When the season ends many individuals are at a loose end in regards to how to spend their time. I have taken comfort through attending festivals, social events and writing. Have you enjoyed the off season?

Football used to be a closed shop. Only the men and the boys went to watch the ‘footy’. As society has evolved football is now a lot more family orientated, and many females are more than welcome to support their team. Unity. Togetherness. Strength.

I’m optimistic that my team will be successful this year. If they’re not? Okay it is just a game after all. Listen to Jurgen Klopp he’ll tell you the same.

There is so much more to life than football”, he will tell you. It has taken me 23 years to process that.

Is there a toxic masculine side to football?

Could I sense the toxic masculine culture that was embedded within it?

As a child I hated football, I did not want any association with it at all. Once I turned 16 I fell in love with the attacking style of football that was carried out under the Brendan Rodgers era with the hefty reliance on Luis Suarez. It dazzled me, it blew me away, it was outstanding, I had never seen anything like it! Give the fans what they want and they will come (unless you are Manchester City)!

Giving 100% on the pitch is all we demand, and this is why Liverpudlians have fallen in love with Jurgen Norbert Klopp, and his assembled dream team.

Football, like everything in life evolves. The rules change and if the new rules don’t favour your team believe you me the referee will know about it.

Gone are the days of Fergie time and his charm whilst callous behaviour of referee manipulation. All for the benefit of HIS team. You can’t blame Fergie for that, can you? He created a team of winners, a dynasty so to speak. Jurgen Norbert Klopp is emulating this. Fasten your seat belts!

This is football in 2022 and I wish good fortune to every football fan this season, I hope your team brings you joy and passion, just as long as they finish a place or two behind my beloved Liverpool Football Club.

Football is more than a game but it is not a matter of life and death!

Please do not forget to check out Ian and his essential work in our community.

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Written by

Thomas Lee McKee

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