Heartless, loving women!

Women are beautiful.

Inside and out. Femininity is a superpower and us men struggle to understand it at times. This can lead to conflict and disruption, even in the strongest of family units. Sometimes us men, just don’t get it. That’s fine, just be there for your woman/women that you love.

Have you ever heard the saying: “Happy wife, happy life”.

It is yin and yang. Males tend to represent order and females tend to represent chaos. This is not a dig, it is a fact.

However with the ever evolvement of society, it can be argued some men are the chaos and some females keep the order. That is totally normal and phenomenal too, in my eyes anyway.

In other words yin and yang is just the synergy of two opposites.

As we all know opposites attract.

Maybe there is no such thing as yin and yang, we can be organised one day and chaotic the other. You may never find a partner that is exactly like you, male or female. That is positive, that is attraction. You may share hobbies and interests but you will also share many differences.

Women are supernatural.

They struggle in regards to their hugely challenging menstrual cycle. Something us men will never understand as we can’t physically or mentally experience it. We may sense it though, if we are close enough to our women, and we should always be there to support our iron ladies.

Women are heroes to me. They often go through 9 months of carrying a boulder of weight in their womb, dragging them down each and every day, to then go through the trauma of birth giving. They are essential to our stratosphere. They are our heroins.

They are super creatures. Gods gift. Our worlds, They come in a few styles. Grandmother, Lover, Mother, Sister, Aunt, or Cousin. They are a breed of species that should be protected at all costs.

These women have hearts and maternal instants us males can only dream of possessing. With this in mind, you would suspect if you asked a woman where her heart is she will immediately put her hand on her chest and find it.

Wrong. For us males we should be able to locate our healthy hearts in under 15 seconds. If we have a brain that is.

The powerful, loving, maternal females? Not so easy!

I have carried out an experiment on over 7 women close to me. The results all have a correlation.

Why don’t you try it out with your closest women?

Ask the closest woman you are near to right now where her heart is located. Not necessarily the woman you’re sat by on the bus, that would be interesting!

Ask the ladies you are close too.

Ask them to put their hand on their heart and feel it beat. They will struggle, their breasts may get in the way and you may be met with some confusion.

Don’t give up, help them find it, we all have one. Help them to find their huge hearts.

They struggle, they can’t locate it as easily as us males. Why?

I have no idea, that’s a question I can’t answer.

Maybe they give some of their hearts up once they give birth. Maybe their breasts are just blocking the phenomenal signals their powerful heart is trying to pump out.

Ask any decent maternal woman what she would like as the ideal version of happiness and she’ll probably say “My children to be happy and healthy”.

Love your Gran. Love your Mum. Love your Lover. Love your Sister. Love your Aunt. Love your Cousin. Love Women and their super powers.

Good luck finding your hearts, I am intrigued to hear your feedback.

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Much love,


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