The vast majority of people in our country work.

No matter how little time or effort they put in, they still pluck up the courage to get out of bed everyday and attend their job. They may hate it, but what is their alternative? They have little support from the state, meanwhile bills are going up so fast some can’t even feed their families or heat their homes whilst they are working!

Some of us work too much, this can be detrimental to our relationships, mindset and health.

Some of us work very little or not at all, this can be detrimental to our relationships, mindset, health and finances.

Some of us work too much and still don’t have enough money to make ends meet.

There are people out there who; hate work, people who love work, people in between work, people who won’t work and there are people who don’t have to & can’t work.

The common denominator from the list I have just drawn up is the word ‘people’, that’s all we are at the end of the day. People. humans, mammals and living creatures. That is all we are. We’re not machines, we all just work to get by.

We should work to live, not live to work!

We have goals and dreams reaching far and wide. Some of us can’t even begin to imagine what our aspirations may be.

Work can be; in the house, remotely, on site, or in an office. With the power of ever changing technology it begs the question, what will the working landscape look like in years to come?

Society is evolving since COVID with masses of people choosing the flexible option of working from home. Stores are already beginning to attempt to go cashless and move as online as possible. I do fear for the older generation in this respect. Cash machines, bank, shops and essential services are all leaving the high street in order to compete online. It’s change and evolution but I sincerely hope we are not leaving our elders behind.

Back to work.

Work brings routine to our lives, it gives us something to get up for, something to live for, it give us opportunity. I am scheduled to return to work and I am feeling well rested and empowered to enjoy every second of my life and making my working environment the best it can possibly be.

What is your working environment like?

What will the future look like?

Will technology eclipse the need for most jobs?

If so what happens next?

If you don’t like your job, change it! There has never been a better opportunity to change your career. Since Brexit and Covid job, vacancies are at record levels.

Make that change, be courageous and most importantly be happy!

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