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The correct definition of a community is ‘a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.’
To me it means coming together with your neighbours to create a landscape as perfect and as equal as possible. I have recently discovered this in the apartment block of which I reside in.

Since I have moved into my residence (12 months ago) I have had little to no relationship at all with my neighbours. The last few weeks have been turbulent in my block to say the least. There are many avenues that need addressing and with our strong sense of togetherness, we are at last coming together to make our community the best it can possibly be.

Unity, strength, coalescing , we’re getting stronger by the day and we will no longer stand for a block managing agent who are responsible for the managed decline of our beloved block.

This is our home and we will make them understand by hook or by crook….

No man is an Island. Togetherness is power.

I love where I live, central of Liverpool. Great access to transport links, a stone throw away from the Albert Dock. It is Liverpool, a place of music, arts, phenomenal talent, diversity, culture, heritage and above all, a place that fights evil at every avenue and a city were a community stretches so wide, outsiders ask “Bloody hell, do you all live in the same house in Liverpool?”.

It’s not a massive city but it is an exquisite one, filled with beautiful people with enormous hearts and souls.

According to:

The following points are what make up a strong community.

  • There are accessible community events and activities
  • There are active voluntary groups and charities
  • Strong relationships exist between people in the community 
  • People come together to work toward shared causes 
  • People trust one another
  • People trust in and feel represented by institutions
  • There are opportunities for communities to be included in decision making 
  • People feel a sense of responsibility towards improving their community  
  • Public services respond to local needs 
  • Funding from private and charitable sources is available and there is a sustainable local economy
  • Community spaces allow opportunities for connection 
  • People feel secure and happy where they live 

What does community mean to you?

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