The Lost City of Liverpool

This story tells the tale of the dearly loved but neglected City of Liverpool. Liverpool is the outcast and reprobate of our country.

The Labour council has failed this city. Corruption is the name and former Mayor Joe Anderson must share a proportion of the blame.

We’re scousers, we don’t have a choice in that respect. Do we? It is in our blood and it is our way of life.

The conservatives have not controlled our council for 50 years.

Until now.

Our elected members have little authority over our public purse. We have tory government selected commissioners running our council. Unelected, it is a crime against our democracy. Our local democracy is being attacked. We’re supposed to be Labour it was our democratic right to choose a Labour government and a Labour council. Why are we standing by and allowing these commissioners to rule our rouse? We should be taking to the streets with pitchforks in hand demanding these commissioners OUT.

Accord to the Guardian back in 2021: “For the next three years, the commissioners and the chief executive will run the biggest problem areas – planning, highways and regeneration – most closely associated with the lamented regime of the previous mayor, Joe Anderson. The commissioners, not the council or the new mayor, will hold the purse strings in these arenas.”

Unelected commissioners and a chief executive that were not democratically chosen to govern our city.

Why are we standing by and bearing witness to the managed decline of our city? We did not elect these current leaders at the pinnacle of our local politics.


Controlling the funding for our region and its wards.

They are at the very top. Making all the decisions. Unelected!

Liverpool has never sat back before, so why are we choosing too now?

Is it because we are a blind Labour vote? Is it because we chose the current ‘mob’.

No. It is not. We elected councillors to represent our wards and they are being pecked away, at every opportunity, in their pursuit of equality in our local communities.

We are being ruled by conservative commissioners. Their excuse is to stamp out corruption. The City of Liverpool can say all they like about former Mayor Joe Anderson and his role to blame. That’s what they want. A scapegoat.

We made a promise as a city after the 1980s. We promised no more Conservatism in our lives. We chose to manage our social problems in house. We chose to come together as a community and fight evil at every avenue. We chose and will always choose a government and a council that represent us.


Not unelected big wigs who have been handed a daily pay rise of £800 and £700, but that increased to £1,200 and £1,100 in December. Have any of you been handed a healthy daily pay rise of around 37%?

If you want to know anything about politics come to Liverpool. We found Thatcher out for the rat that she was. We smelt every Conservative leader out since for what they are. David Cameron and his legacy of austerity and the national cutting of essential services, especially. Boris Johnson also and his lies and bluster never once pulled the wool over our eyes. Him and his cabinet of lying traitors who have brought the most disrepute and disrespect to our highest office in living history.

Liverpool selected a Labour Government. Liverpool elected its Councillors at local level.

25 came from the Labour Party, 6 Liberal Democrats, 1 Green Party and 1 Liberal member. Not a single tory.

So why are we standing by and bearing witness to the revival of managed decline of our city. We did not elect the current people at the pinnacle of our local politics.

They haven’t controlled our city since 1972. They are controlling the city now.

Liverpool has always been failed by the state. Our social problems are deep and the funding is less than moderate. We have lost £465 million in funding since 2010 and they still want to whittle it down even further.

Often enough we have no choice but to manage our social problems in house. I’m afraid though. I’m afraid our house is falling apart. We are in crisis. We don’t have any money. For anything. Not for our health service, no social support for our elders and children. We need a new house. A new Labour. One that represents the working class.

It will come and we will be ready to fight for it.

Hope for honesty and change in our political spectrum is coming. I don’t know where and I don’t know when. It is coming though. We’re ready now. Here is to the future and here is to change!

Hope, prosperity, social justice, adequate support for our services, it isn’t a lot to ask for. It’s coming………….

We’ll be coming……..


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