Our children are unsafe online. It can now be argued that childhood is disappearing. Some young girls below the age of 16 are suffering from insecurities about their facial features and bodies. This was certainly the case when I was in secondary education.

The facial filler boom is toxic to our young generation of girls. This is the fault of social media and its incapacity to clamp down on vicious advertisements, featuring air brushed celebrities, who only have a motive of self indulgence and a toxic manifestation for boosting their own finances.

These girls should be shown images of what ‘normality’ is without being bombarded through algorithms of ‘what you may like’ of grown women without as much as a freckle or a spot on their face. These girls may be going through puberty. They’re not even old enough to know what they want, they don’t even know what they may look like in the future. They are children. They shouldn’t be hating themselves because of a lack of self confidence manipulated by the powers that be; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Internet, (Reality)Tv.

How much money do you need to have before you can look in the mirror and say “I’m rich, how can I use my platform for good!”

Our children should be allowed to access social media and the internet. It has the power to transform our lives without leaving our chairs. They need to be educated thoroughly and practically in school on how to harness these devices for their benefit. Technology is the present and the future. Education and the system in general is sluggishly catching up. They need a subject, a full curriculum dedicated to the mandatory education of themselves and their devices.

Algorithms are good. Spotify and Netflix use them correctly. They show you content you might like to see or hear based on what you actually liked watching or hearing. Use the like button to your advantage. Use it with care. Use it courageously.

The Office for National Statistics released these figures for suicide in adolescences in 2019 (pre covid) in regards to the figures for the previous year.

“In 2018, there were 6,507 suicides registered in the UK, an age-standardised rate of 11.2 deaths per 100,000 population” This is utterly staggering and is made even worse when you take into context “Three-quarters of registered deaths in 2018 were among men (4,903 deaths), which has been the case since the mid-1990s.”

Are these algorithms negatively affecting males more because generally speaking, we struggle to open up more and display our emotions?

It can definitely be argued that the issue is only just on the cusps of exploding. It feels like every day we hear of such tragedies in society. Who knows when exactly algorithms got their grips on our children? What I can show you though is these statistics for social media use sourced from ‘’

Of course we must take into context, the vast amount of ‘bots’ on these platforms. The statistics for ‘social bots’ on twitter have just been outed as “around 20%”, this must be taken into context. Nonetheless, these numbers are exceptionally high, does anyone know how many under 18s are accessing social media? If around 20% of social bots can I’m guessing our intelligent young could easily be active on socials from the age of 13…

Our politicians and law makers need to bring our system up to date in order to combat these issues. A quote from Dr. Peterson “It’s better to live, courageously, than cowardly, everyone knows that”.

Why aren’t our law makers courageous? What are they scared of happening? After all, social media and the internet have their algorithms too. Are they prisoners to these algorithms like we can also be?

I could proceed to lecture about TikTok, and how the Chinese government is using the app for their benefit at home and abroad. The Chinese government have a controlling stake in ‘ByteDance’. TikTok’s parent company. Link to a full article which discusses the negative aspect of this is cited below. However, check out these extracts:

“A former employee, described working at ByteDance as being ‘a tiny cog in a vast, evil machine.”

“He went on to say that even live-streamed shows on the company’s apps are ‘automatically transcribed into text. This allows algorithms to compare the notes with a long and constantly-updated list of sensitive words, dates and names.” Maybe our devices are listening to us after all?

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Be safe online and ensure your children and elders are too. These algorithms fear or favour no man!

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