Are you in a cult?

According to: a cult is classified as: [usually singular] cult (of something) a way of life, an attitude, an idea, etc. that has become very popular.

Essentially then, isn’t everything a cult?

Do you go to a gym? Support a favourite football club? Go to a pub as though it’s a church? Basically, anything you practise on a regular basis would brand you as being part of a cult.

When I first started hot yoga 12 months ago, I also explored and eventually gave up vegetarianism. I enjoyed it actually, different tastes and flavours as well as gaining peace of mind knowing I was no longer contributing to the endless suffering of animals. I think I was just seeking ways to break out of societies traditional norms and values and gain some positive energy by; dabbling in the uprising of meditation, hot yoga, meat-free diet, relaxation. However, I didn’t invest in any healing crystals, so maybe I wasn’t in the right cult !

The correct definition of a cult in my dictionary is: “Do whatever the f**k you want with whoever the f**k you want, and if there is a few people with you then call yourselves a cult. Smile as well, call yourselves the happy cult.”

Some of us fear cults for reasons unbeknown to me. However maybe the second description of a cult also on the website referenced in paragraph one may help you to understand.

‘A small group of people who have extreme religious beliefs and who are not part of any established religion’. Okay. ‘Small group’ for starters, smells like isolation and detachment. I highly doubt there is a vast amount of society that would enjoy being isolated and detached. ‘Extreme religious beliefs’, is also rather terrifying as the news drums into us each day just how ‘crazy’ these people are, with their beliefs and the lengths they are willing to go to promote them. Just be the extremely happy cult then and make it a religion! Who says you can’t?

Can the fear of being part of something actually stop us enjoying it though? I would be quite reserved about the fact that I was going to hot yoga as it isn’t a traditional association of a male. I’d love every second of being there though. Tough hot environment, positive happy people, as well as, positive engaging teachers who level with you and practise beside you if they’re not teaching that day.

That’s my cult for the time being anyway. The mental benefits of a class are simply unmeasurable. No matter how stressed you are before a class you come out with a glow and are left feeling and looking radiant!

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