Young, Political Turmoil

I was born in 1999. The leadership was Tony Blair and the Labour Party. Don’t stop reading because I said Tony Blair. Read my experience. You may relate you may disagree. Isn’t that politics?

Labour swept in with a mandate I can only describe as a magnitude. It was labeled a landslide at the time. The public were bored of Thatcherism and John Major was defeated. A change was made. A new leaf. A new dawn.

Margaret Thatcher always argued the case that Tony was her greatest gift. She made the claim they forced the opposition to change. Maybe she was right? It was branded New Labour after all.

I can’t tell you everything about politics but I can tell you the story of my life enduring it.

I was born in 1999, Labour had been in power for 2 years, enough time I’d argue to get their feet under the table. Me a baby starting my life & New Labour starting to govern their way, with their policies.

You can not change a country over night. Well you can, if you don’t want to consider the devastation you may conflict on the masses of families that elected you.

Every decision a politician makes has devastating consequences, it’s a job that should only be selected if you want to make change. They should be honest, transparent, connect & level with us. Certainly not hide in fridges and definitely not ramble on until we’ve had enough of listening. We live busy lives they know that, don’t they! They love it too! Keep them busy, keep them down! Keep them uninspired, stop them voting. Lie, lie & lie and if they get bored of all the lies, find a fridge to hide in. Simple.

Being selected to be a cabinet minister is a a high honour, but I fear many are only in it for the top job. Prime Minister. You only have to watch the news for ten minutes to see how little they care about their ministerial role.

These people should be the inspirational figures every individual should look up too. Our elected leaders selected by us. To lead, govern, support and inspire.

Instead more often than not we’re lied too and fed what they want us to believe.

They get away with it too. They don’t face the press often enough, they are not challenged enough and some of them think they’re even above the laws they create.

My infancy & primary education were fantastic. I can only describe and think of happy creative memories. I attended a primary school in North Liverpool and I am thankful to all of the teachers who inspired me along the way. Maybe I was just a good kid? Not every child will tell the same tale.

“Right class, congratulations you have left primary education, good luck!”. The final words of the last chapter.

The stairways were graced by every member of staff who were tasked with managing and inspiring my age group for four years. Clapping, cheering, taps on our shoulders. The proudest pat on the back on the way out the door.

Secondary education, a challenge in its own right. Big school. Step up and learn. It started off phenomenally, creative studies labelled “opening minds” teaching me about myself, who I was. I remember one topic “I am, what I am”. Outsiders of the education scene, but in the top jobs making the big decisions may have deemed it as a ‘sit off’. I can only describe it as encouraging pupils to open their minds. It certainly opened mine. I had a great teacher guide me through it too.

I am certainly not meaning to damage any reputation of my secondary school. I am who I am because of all my experiences. I’m thankful to all the staff. Especially two teachers in particular. My form teacher who protected my interests right up until the day I left. In addition to her I’d like to express gratitude to a legend in the Spanish Department.

Inspirational role models. They’d do a damn better job than our current education minister.

Who is it at the moment by the way?

I remember being asked to sit in a room on camera and describe how opening minds worked. I fear this was down to the new funding slashing government. Hell bent on cutting everything, no matter the cost or consequence.

I started my first year seniors in 2010. New Labour & Gordon Brown out, Conservative lead coalition in. Another change. My school was labeled a ‘specialist in sports’. This allowed access to extra funding in that sector. They were allowed to keep the title but none the less the funding was either heavily cut or completely snatched.

Speaking in regards to education, I assume the responsibility fell on the head teacher or governors? Would they really have been capable of keeping calm and carrying on when their budgets were about to be collectively slashed by an estimated 25% over 4 years?

Funding slashed in every one of our public sectors. Tough decisions of course, but who was placed within these institutions to help them manage the reshuffle. Was it even manageable ? Can you keep supporting every child the way you do if you are about to lose a pound for every four.

“Education spending in England could be cut by as much as 25% over the next four years, the Chancellor has said.” Direct quote from a BBC news article in 2010. Scary times for education.

After my final GCSE Examination in 2015 we were tossed out the fire exit door of the sports hall. I understand why. Maybe some previous young adults have destructed parts of the school on the way out, most likely the ones who were the least inspired.

Tossed out the door, feeling a lot less inspired than when I left primary education. Definitely a lot more grumpy too. Becoming a man?

When I left secondary school I was definitely not ready for the rest of my life. I signed up for sixth form for subjects that were not right for me. I liked English language. One of them I can’t even remember and the other I lost all interest due to social issues. I should have stuck with my inspirational, socially gifted form teacher. I suspect she was hurt, but she couldn’t convince me to stick with her. You think you know it all.

It’s hard growing up especially when you are the first generation tasked with growing up with the internet in your hand. My only hope is that education and health are funded appropriately. Ask anybody who works on the front line in these sectors how desperate their fields are for funding and you’ll probably be met with tears. They pick up the pieces every day.

We are going through a new dawn again in regards to political change. I don’t know what party will relight the fire or who will light the match stick. Time will tell.

I have been listening to music whilst writing this and you would not believe what song my Spotify has selected. ‘Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream’. The song blasting as New Labour swept in.

It’s a funny old game ?!

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3 responses to “Young, Political Turmoil”

  1. Superb insight again Thomas into the state of education and healthcare system. You are not wrong at all, things are bad, very bad. Politicians aren’t interested in making changes for the greater good it’s all for personal gain. Change can only happen when we collectively speak. Us in Liverpool know what damage the tories do which is why they will never ever gain seats in our area. However, they are seeping into Southport, Wirral, formby, they prey on the wealthy, convince them they will make them even wealthier, look after their money, privatise all services reduce public spending which in turn will reduce taxes which is all they want. Cloud cuckoo land.

    So how do we turn this doomed flight around before it heads into the side of a mountain and explodes?

    What we need to do is educate young people on politics. How many lessons did you have educating you on the different political parties? None I would suspect. We need young people to vote, not just those that go to uni and vote due to the fantastic work of student unions highlighting every young persons right to vote.

    Young people are the future of this country and you need to educate those young people to vote for themselves not just vote for who their parents voted for.

    Voter apathy is at an all time high, wasted votes those that don’t vote my grandma would call them from hill to burn.

    Use your voice Thomas and show those your age why it’s so important we all vote!!!!

    1. Yes we are the future and if you look at the last election results on a map the country is RED. Leader leadership not exactly exciting right now either but he will appeal to current conservatives. Foot in the door. Public growing tired of broken promises…..

      1. Last election results for 18-24 I mean sorry x

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