Rome from Home

After a turbulent four weeks to say the least I have just returned from Rome.

My head feels clearer, more organised, and I have finally come to terms with some of my abnormal erratic behaviour.

What a beautiful city Rome is though! I thoroughly enjoyed my time there albeit I didn’t have as much energy as I would have liked to dedicate to the trip.

One thing that did hit home.

Has society evolved much since the Ancient Roman era? I should have probably just been thinking about enjoying my break, but I can’t help it.

Life is politics to me, there is no getting away from it!

Coincidentally, Mario Draghi (Italian PM) also resigned whilst I was there. We watched the helicopter fly in and Draghi fly out. The rise and fall of a politician. The job is unforgiving at the top. Everything in life is political, but it doesn’t have to be vicious.

Draghi out and it looks like the far right will slither in. Divide and rule, will be their aim…

The Colosseum, on my mind, but the purpose of it? To entertain, for all classes. The working class knew there place. They could enter and spectate as long as they kept within the social boundaries laid out by their rulers.

You can’t tell me we aren’t living a similar lifestyle, albeit through a television screen with the occasional dashing of Eddie Hearn’s boat race all over it.

The purpose of the Colosseum was to dazzle the public.

Keep them busy in tough working environments, allow them to indulge in some spectator sports, or even allow them to participate, let them be a working class hero?

Keep them busy (work), keep them entertained (spectator sports/fighting), keep them down. Keep them controlled. Social control, social order. Sound familiar?

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