Heat, worries, change.

According to various media reports, Britain is on course for some of the hottest days in history.

Allegedly this is down to ‘climate change’. This could very much be the case. I am not qualified in this field whatsoever. I don’t wish to preach or advise. I only wish to express my thoughts and hopefully stop anybody worrying about the ‘catastrophic events we are hurling towards’. No matter what, unless you are acting on your worries for the climate, the only thing they are helping towards is, well, nothing!

We could well be heading for a crisis. Ask anybody qualified in this scientific field and they will tell you we need to be acting now to prevent the ‘catastrophes we are heading towards’. Net zero by 2030 or 2050 is supposedly the deadline before the world falls to climate change. Many argue it is already upon us.

I vividly remember being 11 years old (a child). Subliminal fear at the back of my mind. There was speculation of the world ending in 2012. Vast amounts of adults will have shrugged this fear off. Some of them may have acted upon it. I was 11 years old in 2012. How long was this misinformation surfacing for? How old were you? How did you feel? Can you even remember such events? I do worry about the current crop of children growing up with the fear of the ‘looming climate change crisis’. The show went on for many in 2012, fear or no fear! Misinformation (for me) leads to fear.

Look at the current conservative leadership contest. If we are really heading for such catastrophic events. Why is this not the main debate being had? They may touch on it. However, I don’t see or hear a clear and coherent plan. They may well have one, the media is not getting it through to me though. I am however, seeing a lot about the ‘heat wave crisis’.

Are you worried?

Back in June 2017 the BBC published an article about the heatwave of the time and made comparisons with a heatwave amongst our history (1976).

You can access the full article with the following link, or feel free to check out my ‘screen grabs’ from the link below.


Coincidentally, during the heatwave, as seen above, a water pipe burst as “Many householders in Wales and the west of England were left without tap water for much of the day”. These folk look happy in the photo in London.

Could it be possible that such events are used to distract from public mismanagement?

What party was in power at the time? How did you feel in 1976? How old were you?

Panic over the 1976 heatwave is far from noticeable in this photo in southern England. Where was you at the time?

I’ve connected with a work colleague who will have only been at a young age at the time. He claims “I remember it. I survived with a bottle of Calomine Lotion and some Vimto”. The show went on for many, fear or no fear!

I have discovered a website. The link is below. The link (as shown in my screen grabs below), refers to the ‘1976 Inflation problem occuring around the world’.

Coincidentally, there is also a global inflation problem around the world right now. We are all experiencing the ‘cost of living crisis’. However, my newsfield isn’t bombarding me with this. Is yours?

I don’t buy a specific newspaper and as of recently, I only tend to get my news from our public institutions i.e ‘Channel 4 or BBC’ All working class families are enduring the cost of living crisis. However, the news is dominated with the war in Ukraine as well as climate change and the current ‘heatwave endemic’.

Are we being distracted due to the global mismanagement of public finances in an attempt to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic?


Will the show go on for the many this time? I hope so! For the many!

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