Tied up in knots

I started writing something about my political idea today. Tired in the end. Got confused writing it, more like a ramble. A lot going on in the political stratosphere. A lot going on in my head too.

Feeling less inspired, only had four hours sleep and I was up early for an appointment.

Currently sitting on a step in Liverpool town centre. Just ate the worst chicken burger I think has ever existed. I actually don’t think there was any chicken in it. It was warm though.

Little sleep, woke up, shite! Loads of energy in time to see the Doctor though. Broadoak unit, Broadgreen, Liverpool. Prescribed more Diazapan after two days without, I think?

She must have been the seventh mental health professional I’ve come into contact with in about ten days? Is that settling to you if your going through ‘Support crisis team’?

Nice enough. Listened. Spoke. Dialogue. More talking.

I asked her if she has ever prescribed holistic healing before legal medication. She said she’s recommended it. I said no can’t you prescribe it?

No she claims. Someone above her or above them must make the decisions. Who exactly? Are they responsible for making these critical decisions? Are they just a career opportunist?

Our health minister has just wrapped it and the education minister threatened with the same, unless his demands were met for an upgrade.

Jobs for the boys. Cronyism? Health and education are not valued right now.

NHS in Liverpool must feel like it’s in the Second World War. Liverpool, the blitz. We’ve still got the spirit though. Get down. Come up? Sit down, stand up!

Mum waited for my prescription, I waited outside.

Too anxious in a claustrophobic room smelling of must and neglect. Are they testing me?

Dad got the car. I seen a nice grass area. Vacant. Beautiful.

Warm enough at the time, couldn’t we have talked there? Would that have been too easy?

I done some spontaneous meditation & yoga there.

Sitting on a step writing this. It must have gotten darker. Homeless guy adjacent. Help?

After Broadoak, we went to my paternal grandparents. Boss. Open house. Modern urn in the kitchen. Cups of tea everywhere, home. Sorry, (just been interrupted by a group of reprobates shouting hiya ! Driving past in a fast car). Think they need more help than me !

Me nans, me nanny sweets the matriarch on that side of my family. I don’t think she knew that. I made sure she knows now.

Grandad. Inspirational, fast, BOSS ! Everything’s boss to grandad, where’ve you been Degs? Boss! Any good? BOSS! How’ve you been Degs? Boss! What about you ? He will say, to anyone! Full of energy when I was in that amazing family kingpin of a home. If they didn’t know how much they were loved they do now.

Mum and Dad left, I stayed. Vibing. Think they know what vibing is now. Language is changing. That’s life!

Cousin got a 9% pay rise as I was there. Interim chancellor getting the public on side. Little does he know he has days, hours left. That cabinet will never smell government again. Maybe on the back benches. Put them on the back burner in me nans. They might learn a thing or two about real life.

Grandad drove me home. Loved me flat. Lift out of service. He soldiered up the stairs, crouch in hand. That’s me grandad. Arl school ! Warrior. Icon.

He must know I’m not me self right now he resisted his temptation to inspire me about what I should demolish in me flat. Haha. I asked him. Any ideas ? He had a few. Haha.

Dad phones, don’t forget to get prescription before it shuts. Good idea.

Pharmacy. Lovely staff. They agreed too our national institution is being ripped to bits.

All voted for by us the public. A landslide our leader has. No wonder he feels untouchable. Is he?

Something is happening. Change. Who, what when? Here’s to the future. You want it darker? WE KILL THE FLAME. That’s a song by late great Leonard Cohen. Grandad inspired me to listen to him. This one’s for you I think Grandad.

Hope he gets his knees sorted soon so he can be himself again. Hope the NHS get me nan a face to face appointment. It’s only been an eternity! I gave her some advice, multi vitamins and ensure drinks. Her GP never. Or do they just have less time for those who have pumped the most money into our health care system?

Not on our watch. Hands off our NHS & leave our heroes alone!

Diazapan wearing off… have another one or go to bed. I can have 3 at my disposal.

I felt negative in my flat after the Diazapan wore off. I’ve just wrote all this on a step.

Liverpool for yer! City of culture. Real life. No wonder the conservatives don’t dare darken our door. OUT!

Outside is the future, summer is the best! Every day can’t be summer though.

Bye for now but not forever. To Nans & Grandads then! Here and everywhere.

5 responses to “Tied up in knots”

  1. Amazing Thomas xx

    1. Lorraine Cullinane Avatar
      Lorraine Cullinane

      This is fabulous Thomas 🥰

      1. Thanks Lol, glad you enjoyed it x

  2. Brilliant Tom top man 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

    1. Thanks Paul. Means a lot from you mate x

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